Chinese Language Digital Download Learning Pack

I've collected up a bundle of useful Chinese language learning resources to kick start your learning or give a boost of momentum to a flagging study schedule. This is the Pack I wish I had had when I started learning Chinese!

This Chinese Language Learning Pack is constantly being upgraded with new content. Don't worry though as everyone who buys the pack now will get future updates for free (even when the pack price rises!).

Let's have a look at what's in the Chinese Language Learning Pack and see how it will help take your Chinese to the next level.

Kyle 白马楷

Learning Chinese Characters? Put them on your wall! 

Study Smart - Learn the Most Common Chinese Characters

There's no need to know all 50,000 Chinese characters to read and write Chinese.

Just 1500 characters unlocks 95% of all written language.

chinese character poster

Want to learn to read and write Chinese fast? Then make sure you are focusing on learning the right material

In Chinese usage frequency matters.

The most common 100 characters make up ~70% of ALL written language.

The most common 500 characters, 80%+

If you want to be reading and writing Chinese fast, don't waste time learning the rare characters you won't use but instead focus on the most common 

Numbers of Characters known against % of Written Language Mastered

  • The Hanzi WallChart Common Chinese Character poster contains the 1500 Most Common Chinese characters.
  • The poster is available in super high resolution PDF format so you can get it printed out at your local FedEx Kinko or printing shop.
  • ​Each entry on the chart (see below for close up) contains the Chinese character, an English keyword and the pinyin transliteration.
  • ​Everything comes in both Simplified and Traditional Character version

Close up on the Hanzi WallChart Most Common Chinese Character Poster

common chinese character poster closeup

I really appreciate your service. The wallcharts are amazing quality. Speedy delivery and great customer service. 我很感谢你"

Jack K
United Kingdom

How to Use Your Hanzi Wallchart

Visual "passive" learning

Having the Chinese characters around you in a noticeable place is a great way to expose you to the characters.

Equally having a giant wall chart of the characters is a great way to give you a gentle nudge you need to study actively when feeling unmotivated.

Mark your progress

Hanzi WallChart is a really neat way to see how many more characters you need to master and (more importantly!) the ones you already know!

Visually track your progress through the written language and identify characters you need to study.

Sounds good? Check out your options below

Learning Chinese Words?

The most Common Chinese Words by HSK Level

chinese character poster

What's the Difference between a Chinese character and a Chinese word? 

Tricky question as some Chinese words are single characters!

However, the vast majority of Chinese words are 2 characters long

Our most common words are divided by HSK Level. What's the HSK you might be asking - it's the most popular test of Chinese language ability, sponsored by the government of mainland China and hosted in exam centers all over the world.

In 2014, 5 million students sat the HSK test.

The HSK Test has a series of standardized vocabulary from Levels 1 (beginner) to Level 6 (very advanced).

This is totally different information to what is on the Hanzi WallChart Common Character poster (see above) because our vocabulary charts are words not characters.

  • HSK 1, 2, 3, 4 Absolute beginner to Intermediate
  • HSK 5 upper intermediate
  • HSK 6 advanced
  • HSK Level 6 is designed for students at near fluency
  • This 2 x A0 poster contains all 2500 words of the HSK 6 examination - the same as Levels 1-5 put together

My kids are learning Chinese at school and I got them each a poster for their rooms. They love them! Their friends are very jealous!

Andrew M.


Multiple Sizes and Orientations - All Included

Smaller posters contain the same characters and words in frequency order, but split over multiple smaller sized posters.

This posters are delivered as printable PDFs NOT physical posters! 

A4 Landscape

A3 Landscape

A4 Portrait

A3 Portrait

Original Size A0 Landscape Hanzi WallChart

Hanzi WallChart Most Common Characters

A4 Landscape

16 Sheets

A4 Portrait

16 Sheets

A3 Landscape

8 Sheets

A3 Portrait

8 Sheets

A0 Landscape

1 Sheet

Common Chinese Words Posters

HSK 1234 Beginner

HSK 5 Intermediate

HSK 6 Advanced

A0 Landscape

1 Sheet

1 Sheet

2 sheets

A4/A3 Versions of HSK 1,2,3,4 & 5 Common Chinese Words Posters included. 

All Posters come in both Simplified AND Traditional Character Variants!

Please note: These posters as printable PDFs and NOT physical posters!

18 Print-Ready Chinese Language CheatSheets

Save time with these ultra-condensed Chinese language and grammar CheatSheets.

18 Print-Ready CheatSheets including:

  • Pinyin Chart
  • Pronunciation Guide
  • Tone Guide
  • Getting By in Chinese 1-4 (to be used with free sister course on Memrise)
  • Talking about Time
  • Uses of 了
  • Uses of 过
  • 过 vs 了
  • Potential Action
  • Time Words
  • Numbers & Mathmatics
  • Measure Words

CheatSheet Examples

Anki FlashCard Decks

Pre-Built Anki FlashCard Decks of the 1500 Most Common Characters

  • 1500 Most Common Characters in Simplified/Traditional
  • Audio .mp3 added to each card
  • Chinese character, English keyword and pinyin matching Hanzi WallChart poster. Take your study anywhere
  • Quick instructions about how to get Anki up and running
  • HSK Common Words Decks coming soon. UPDATE will be sent to you for any and all future decks.

Special Extra Bonuses in the Chinese Language Learning Pack

Bonus #1 Pronunciation Package

With any purchase of our Complete Digital Download Package we'll include a copy of popular Characters to Words eBook.

Also available as a printed book on Amazon for $15

The Pronunciation Package focuses on two sets of focused exercises to help iron out the most common Chinese pronunciation problems

Tone Pairs

  • The best way to practice tones - in the context of two character "pairs"
  • Practice all 20 tone pair combinations to create a tonal framework to apply to all Chinese words
  • Make Chinese tones second nature through focused drilling until the brain and tongue are trained
  • 23 PDF worksheets in Traditional and Simplified characters
  • 22 professional native speaker audio files (20+ minutes)

Difficult Sounds

  • Targeted sound discrimination drills to help you hear and reproduce the most commonly confused sounds in Chinese
  • We've picked out the commonest mistakes in Chinese and prepared exercises to help you move past these pronunciation hurdles
  • Combinations include c/ch, c/z, j/zh, q/ch, q/ch, x/sh, chu/qu, ju/zhu and more
  • 11 PDF worksheets in Traditional and Simplified characters
  • 11 professional native speaker audio files (17+ minutes)

Bonus #2  Characters to Word eBook

With any purchase of our Complete Digital Download Package we'll include a copy of popular Characters to Words eBook.

We've taken the most common characters (from our Hanzi WallChart) and put them alongside the most commonly used words that use these characters. The result? The ability to learn characters in the context of their common words.​

Now with Videos from Mandarin HQ's Angel Huang - See and hear all of the content pronounced!

Bonus #3 Speak Chinese Today eBook

Having trouble actually speaking Chinese? This short eBook talks about the best (only?) way to really progress in spoken Chinese. More than this I'll walk you though the best resources, different options available and the next steps to get started.

speak chinese


  • The best way to learn to speak Chinese
  • How to get more speaking practice
  • The Importance of Failure
  • Where you Learn is not Important
  • Speaking Partner: Your Options
  • Where to find an online Speaking Partner
  • Free vs. Paid - which is better?
  • Working with your Speaking Partner
  • Next Steps and Homework

Bonus #4 Teaching in China eBook

Ever wanted to live and work in China? This short guide sums up all the commonly asked questions and provides brutally honest answers. Cut through the confusing information available out there and get some real answers


  • Do I Need to Speak Chinese?
  • What's the Money Like?
  • Which City is the Best?
  • Can I trust the Agent finding me a job?
  • Should I do a Paid Placement?
  • Does my Nationality matter?
  • Can I teach without a Visa?
  • Do I need a TESOL/TEFL qualification?
  • What reasons would stop me teaching in China?
  • Bonus: Next Steps

Bonus #5 Common Pronunciation Problems

Pronunciation is woefully under-taught in Chinese. It's considered a "beginners" topic that after a lesson or two can safely be ignored. No wonder first conversations with Chinese native speakers often go so badly! We've honed in on the 7 most common mistakes that learners make again and again and put together a set of quick, targeted fixes.


  • Pinyin is Not English
  • Nailing down U and Ü - the key to unlocking native sounding Chinese
  • The difference between Zh, Ch, Sh and J, Q, X - Simple trick to differentiate these similar sounds
  • How to find the slippery Chinese -r sound
  • The 3rd tone is NOT rising-falling
  • The best method for practicing tones
  • How to speed your progress through targeted feedback

Complete Chinese Language Learning Pack

  • Hanzi WallChart (A0, A3, A4 versions)
  • HSK 1,2,3,4
  • HSK 5
  • HSK 6
  • Pronunciation Package (2 books + audio)
  • Grammar QuickSheets
  • Radical Chart
  • Anki FlashCard Decks

$150+ worth of value for just

$25  $15

Use the code "hanzi10" at checkout to activate reduction from $25 to 15

Please note: Everything in this package is a digital download and will be delivered to your email to download. 

There are no physical posters in the package - only printable PDFs in both A4/A3 versions (for home printing) and A0, A1, A2 sizes for printing at a print shop



See below for details of how to get this Chinese Language Pack PLUS a lot more for a one-time low price!

Ready to really learn Chinese characters?

Sensible Chinese Character Course Video Course $147

Bonus #1 : Chinese Language Pack $25

Bonus #2 First Week in Chinese Video Course $17

A total of $189 of Chinese Learning Material


$57 for a limited time only

Sensible Chinese Character Course

7 hour step-by-step video course teaching you exactly how to learn 75-100 characters per day.

Jim E.  

This is a great course! I have learned more about Chinese characters in the first part of this course than in any of the courses I have taken over the last ten years.

Ian D.  

I am really enjoying the course. So far it has giving me a whole different way of looking at the characters. I have never seen a course like this before. It's early but I think this is really going to help with learning the Chinese characters.

Shell P.  

I am completely blown away. It's exactly what I've been looking for. Just what I was looking for. Definitely worth the investment.

Damion S.  

This course is one-of-a-kind out there. It is the first time I've seen the critical skills for learning Chinese taught. There are hundreds of courses to teach the WHAT but nothing like this that teaches the HOW...(therefore this course) works with any other course you might be taking... saved me years of frustration!

Detailed Course Contents

  1. Welcome: Introducing the structure of the course and what you will be learning.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions: answering the most common beginner's questions and making sure everyone is on the same page (7 videos, 21 minutes)
  3. Knowledge Introduction:  The Levels of Chinese and how to move between components, characters and words (4 videos, 8 minutes)
  4. Strokes and Stroke Order: The best method for learning the basic stroke orders intuitively and painlessly (11 videos, 25 minutes)
  5. Components: the "building blocks" of Chinese, how to write any character using these blocks, introducing visual mnemonics (11 videos, 32 minutes)
  6. ​Character Types: the four types of characters, the limitation of "looks-like-a" characters (10 videos, 23 minutes)
  7. ​Sound Meaning Characters: the best kept "non-secret" in Chinese, how to guess meaning and pronunciation of 90% of all characters (10 videos ,34 minutes)
  8. ​Character Structure: left/right, top/bottom, surrounds and semi-surrounds. The basic character types and the common locations of sound and meaning clues (8 videos, 33 minutes)
  9. ​Words: Why all words are really 1 or (mainly) 2 characters. Why Chinese needs 2 character words. (6 videos, 23 minutes)
  10. ​Moving from Theory to Practice: Introducing the System and how we'll be using our new knowledge
  11. ​Processing - How to Learn Characters: The most modern, effective techniques for learning characters including character decomposition, meaning/pronunciation/tone mnemonics and more. This is a meaty lesson! (16 videos, 66 minutes)
  12. How to Remember Characters - Review: Spaced repetition, how to choose and setup your memory system, best practices for reviewing. Advanced material includes turning Pleco into an SRS powerhouse, unlocking all the "hidden" test-types to test your handwriting, tones and more (24 videos, 80 minutes)
  13. What to Learn - Input: What material should we prioritize, how to capture and feed new material into learning System. The importance of frequently used words as a shortcut to fluency (10 videos, 31 minutes)
  14. ​Closing the Loop - Usage: How to move material out of the System via usage with native speakers. Creating sentences from "words of the week" and using new tools to connect with Chinese speakers, practice usage and master material (9 videos, 35 minutes)
  15. ​Review of the System: summarizing and pulling together everything we've learned. Recapping action points in checklist form to make sure you implement what you've been learning!

Full Lesson List:

Bonus #1 Chinese Language Pack worth $25

What's Inside?

  • Hanzi WallChart digital poster (A0, A3, A4 versions)
  • HSK 1,2,3,4 digital poster
  • HSK 5 digital poster
  • HSK 6 digital poster
  • Pronunciation Package (2 books + audio)
  • Grammar QuickSheets
  • Radical Chart
  • Anki FlashCard Decks
  • Characters to Words eBook
  • Speak Chinese Today eBook
  • Teaching in China eBook
  • Common Pronunciation Mistakes eBook
  • $30 off Skritter
  • PDF Lists of Most Common Characters and HSK Vocabulary
Andrew M. USA

​My kids are learning Chinese at school and I got them each a poster for their rooms. They love them! Their friends are very jealous!

Bonus #2 First Week in Chinese course worth $17

What's Inside?

The ultimate step by step guide to starting out in Chinese. Getting past the first week of Chinese can be tough. A strange pronunciation system, tones and characters just to say "hello"! Let me guide you through the first rocky week of Chinese and give you a firm foundation for moving forward.

    • 5 Days of Step-By Step Videos. In total ~1.5 hours of video content.
    • Each day has 3 videos: Characters, Knowledge, Practical. Videos are designed to be bitesized and focused - ranging from 3 to 12 minutes.
    • Additional resources, articles, downloads and links accompanying lessons.
    • Downloadable .mp3 audio recordings by both male and female native speakers along with a PDF script to guide initial communication
Jacob UK

I have studied for a year. I am working in Beijing and take (sporadic!) lessons here... I never really "got" the language until I went through your videos and the blog... my teacher here is good but not great at explaining to Westerners about the language...even though I have been "studying" for so long the videos helped me move towards speaking and practicing the language more."

Steven K.  

The checklists were really helpful in making me get the work done. This is a course about "doing," which is so important. Definitely worth the money.

Sarah E.  

At its price this is one of the most valuable resources for learning Chinese. I wish I had had this course earlier! I could have saved years of time at university and... I think... enjoyed the language and culture of China more... Excited to learn more now. Thank you thank you! 

Ready to really learn Chinese characters?

No Risk, 30-day money-back guarantee!

Sensible Chinese Character Course $147

Bonus #1 : Chinese Language Pack $25

Bonus #2 First Week in Chinese $17

A total of $189 of Chinese Learning Material

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I work all this stuff out myself?

Maybe. It's taken me years of systematically thinking about the Chinese language and the best methods for learning the language. It's true that some of the patterns and strategies I discuss will reveal themselves as you progress in your study. However the real purpose of this course is to equip you with these strategies as early as possible.

Ideally you are on Day 1 of learning the characters - if this is the case then I can save you the most time, energy and lower the frustration of dead-ends.

More likely you've already started to learn the characters either using the traditional rote-memorization methods or maybe a hotchpotch of new techniques sewn together. If this is the case then what the course really offers is a way to tie everything together into a systematic whole, a day-to-day, month-to-month action plan.

Can't I get this stuff on such-and-such website for free?

As of yet the answer is no. I've extensively trawled the best Chinese language learning books, blogs and courses and no one has yet provided such a systematic approach to learning the Chinese characters.

It's true that other blogs may talk about individual components and these articles are very helpful. But often there's just too much information out there! This leads to paralysis - which technique should I use here, which strategy there?

I've gone through everything available, tested it, added a lot of my own material and then sewn everything together into an easily digestible video course for you.

The real saving here is time. You could trawl around for techniques, test them yourself and build up your own system but it will take a long time. If you value your time then this course can shortcut you to the end result of having a fully working learning Chinese character learning system.

Is this for Simplified or Traditional characters?

The lessons taught in this course are applicable for both Traditional and Simplified characters. That said, the examples are given in Simplified characters. The reason for this is that 80% of readers are learning Simplified not Traditional and I want to make sure that the content is accessible for the majority of learners.

There are a couple of lessons dedicated to the differences between Simplified and Traditional and why there isn't really that much of a difference. These lessons include Traditional characters to show the difference and why the methods I'm teaching apply to both Traditional and Simplified characters.

I don't have the time to take this course.

If you are embarking on learning the Chinese characters you already know it takes a lot of time. The methods taught in this course will help you cut the process from several years down to several months, saving you huge amounts of time in the long term.

In the short and medium term you'll also save time. I've designed the course in such a way to ensure that the lessons can immediately be applied to your current learning. You don't need to wait to finish the course to start benefiting from these more efficient methods - in fact I encourage you to start using them ASAP.

I've also designed the course in bitesize pieces. Each lesson is chunked into short videos. The longest is ~10 minutes but the average length is 3-4 minutes. Everything is formatted to also be watchable on your phone so you can study on the go if that is more convenient.

Consider your small time investment in this course as an investment. If you sow a few hours now studying how best to learn the Chinese characters then you will reap hundreds if not thousands of hours of saved time during your character learning journey.

Is this a recurring payment?

Nope it's a one off payment. The content is then all yours to do with as you please - I've even opened it up for downloading if you prefer to keep the video content on your PC.

In fact, whenever the course is updated or new material added you'll also receive all of that for free too.

Can I watch this on my PC/MAC/iPhone/Android?

Yup - any device that can run a web browser and stream videos from the internet can access the content. Everything is formatted so that it'll show nicely on a phone/tablet so you should be covered whatever device you are on. The videos are also available for download if you have spotty internet connection and have trouble streaming.

Does this course cover XYZ?

I've had requests for additional content covering additional areas of the language. It's been a tricky toss up between comprehensive coverage of the language and not overloading students with too much information!

Therefore the main course is structured to be as streamlined as possible. If there's a topic I think is useful but doesn't fit into the main course itself I'll add in additional content and resources in a Bonus section. As people ask questions about the content I'll fill this Bonus section with new material to keep up with the most popular questions - as such the course will keep growing organically.

"You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you only know one language you only live once.” - Czech Proverb

 I hope we can take the next step in your Chinese journey and open up a new life together!

Kyle Balmer 白马楷,