Chinese Language Learning Pack

Chinese Language Learning Pack

Complete Chinese Language Learning Pack

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  • Hanzi WallChar Poster (A0, A3, A4 versions)
  • HSK 1,2,3,4 Poster (A0, A3, A4 Versions)
  • HSK 5 Poster (A0, A3, A4 Versions)
  • HSK 6 Poster (A0 version)
  • Pronunciation Package (2 books + audio)
  • Grammar QuickReference Sheets
  • Radical Chart
  • Anki FlashCard Decks
  • Characters to Words eBook
  • Speak Chinese Today eBook
  • Teaching in China eBook
  • Common Pronunciation Mistakes eBook
  • $30 off Skritter
  • $50 off the Sensible Chinese Character Course
  • PDF Lists of Most Common Characters and HSK Vocabulary

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