Day 1: Greetings

Day 1 – Characters



Day 1 – Knowledge

How to Write in Chinese A useful companion article I wrote for

A List of all the pieces : see all of the pieces in Chinese in this useful Wikipedia list. Don’t try to learn them all! Just be aware of their existence for now!
Free Memrise Chinese Radicals course : a great free course on Memrise to learn the “pieces” of Chinese. There is no need to learn them all now but this is a useful resource to preview now


Day 1 – Practical

HelloTalk : the best free app for chatting with Chinese native speakers immediately (iOS/Android)

Speaky Don’t have a smartphone? No problem – use Speaky to find a language exchange partner.
Speak in A Week : a free email based course to help you break through the resistance of speaking a foreign language with strangers. A great kick in the backside to get you moving!

Please leave your “assignment” comment below:

  • Kimberly Baker

    Vicky. I put down that I am a beginner, but I have been to China twice and have a Chinese daughter in law. I have spoken simple Chinese sentences with native speakers and the kids I was over there teaching English to, but I want a better foundation and more discipline learning the language. I’m older, so I find it hard to remember the what I’ve learned.

  • Jim Awofadeju

    Colin. I put down that I am a beginner. Colin can serve as a language exchange partner for me. He will help me study Chinese and I can help him learn English. I felt a little bit nervous when recording the greeting. I listened to it before I sent it. I have not done language exchange before, so hopefully my communication with Colin will lead to both of us improving our language skills. He is a beginner in English and I am a beginner in Chinese.

  • Chrys McGlynn

    I sent my message to Kate. The Speak in a Week doesn’t seem to be working.

  • Amanda Jean

    This was my first time EVER speaking in Chinese! I said “ni hao” to Alina, a native Chinese speaker who wants to learn English!

  • Ben Boldt

    I spoke to someone named Zack, it was fun.

  • Ben Boldt

    I spoke to someone named Zack, it was fun.