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Week 1 in Chinese-   Beginner's Video Course

For early beginner's our Week 1 in Chinese course takes you step by step through the first vital stages of Chinese. By the end of the week you'll be talking (and typing) with native Chinese speakers.

Comprehensive Character Course

This 7 hour step-by-step video course teaches you everything you need to be able to learn the 2000-3000 characters you need for literacy. I'll show you the system I used to learn 75-100 characters per day. 

Chinese Language Learning Pack

The Chinese Language Learning Pack is full of study tools to help you blast through Chinese. Most Common Character posters, Most Common Word posters, 2 x Pronunciation courses, Flashcards, eBooks and more...

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Hi, I'm Kyle Balmer 白马楷

I've spent the last decade living, working and learning languages. 

I think we've got foreign languages all wrong. Speaking Chinese is a skill, not a school subject. We need to practice and use our languages, not study them. 

Sensible Chinese was set up to help others start communicating in Chinese, one of the world's least understood (and therefore "scary"!) languages. 

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