Tone Pair Drills: The Single Best Method for Learning Chinese Tones

If I was allowed to only use one practice method to learn Mandarin Chinese tones it would be this: tone pairs. Tone pair drills are simply the most powerful way to get a intuitive grip on Chinese tones. Unfortunately they are woefully underused. I want...
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Learning Chinese Tones with WaiChinese | A Review by @Eurolinguiste Shannon Kennedy

Today we are happy to be able to share Shannon Kennedy’s excellent review of WaiChinese and how it helped with her Chinese tones. Shannon Kennedy is a language lover, traveler and musician sharing her adventures and language learning tips at...
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Pronunciation and Pinyin – The Foundations of Chinese

This is part of our How to Learn Chinese. Check out the How to Learn Chinese homepage to get a lot more tips on how to learn Chinese. Update: Our free Sensible Pinyin Course is now available. First read through this article to see why Pinyin is so important...
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