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Added bonuses include the Roadmap to Chinese (pictured) and more.​

Top Chinese Learning Resources

​Our extensive and carefully curated list of all the best Chinese resources (mainly free) available on the internet right now. We tried out what's available to help you learn Chinese and selected the best resources for different stages of your journey.

Save yourself some time (and a lot of money!) by checking out our Top Learn Chinese Resource List 

Most Common Chinese Characters

We've carefully prepared lists of the most common Chinese characters to help guide your study of written Chinese. Did you know that the most common 1500 characters make up 95% of all written Chinese? Despite there being more than 50,000 characters thankfully a few thousand will get you to literacy.

Few thousand still sound like a lot? Don't worry too much - part of Sensible Chinese's mission is to make the characters more understandable and easier to handle. Even, dare I say it, fun! ​

Characters to Words Graphics

One of the common mistakes beginners make when learning Chinese characters is to focus on learning individual characters. 

The vast majority of Chinese words are actually two characters long and the individual character's meanings can shift depending on what word the character is in.

We've prepared graphics of the 100 most common characters and the most commonly used words that use these characters to help you learn characters in context.​

pinyin chart

Sensible Chinese Pinyin Course 

If you are new to Chinese you'll want to check out our Pinyin Course to help get started with Chinese pronunciation. 

The course includes step by step explanations, native voice recordings and quizzes to help you learn the sounds of Chinese.​

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Fast-track to Chinese fluency

Week 1 in Chinese-   Beginner's Video Course

For early beginner's our Week 1 in Chinese course takes you step by step through the first vital stages of Chinese. By the end of the week you'll be talking (and typing) with native Chinese speakers.

Comprehensive Character Course

This 7 hour step-by-step video course teaches you everything you need to be able to learn the 2000-3000 characters you need for literacy. I'll show you the system I used to learn 75-100 characters per day. 

Chinese Language Learning Pack

The Chinese Language Learning Pack is full of study tools to help you blast through Chinese. Most Common Character posters, Most Common Word posters, 2 x Pronunciation courses, Flashcards, eBooks and more...